Sunday, April 29, 2012

Anju Panta Scandal Fake

It's all fake news related with the Nepali Singer Anju Panta Scandal. It's only about the bed scene where a desi girl kissing a boy. In the internet, it claimed that the kissing girl is Anju Panta on the basis of the ring. The kissing girl wearing the same kind of ring worn by the Anju Panta. And the media creating news that girl is Anju Panta.

We Guarantee it's totally fake. Anju Panta is sensational Nepali Singer and easy to make any news popular. The same thing is happening here. Last time also she is in the hot news related with the divorce now with kissing scandal.

Fake! Fake! Fake!


  1. Finger rings are all same in all picture,,intresting!

  2. see the rings!! they are not in the same fingers !!

  3. Anju Panta is also a human being, she also needs sex as much as we all do.. There is no point in saying what she did or what she did not do. If she wants to be a pornstar as well as a singer then who cares?? Let her go ahead...