Monday, September 26, 2011

Rekha Thapa Kiss Allergy

Rekha Thapa Kiss Allergy

The new illness found in Nepal. It's KISS ALLERGY. The fresh and surprising illness also chooses the famous Nepali celebrity Rekha Thapa.

The top Nepali actress Rekha Thapa is very much popular by her movies, acting, dress up and many controversies. This time the Nepali Film Industry is shocking by her kiss allergy illness.

Till now there is no any on screen or off screen kissing scene of Rekha Thapa. Now we know the reason why? And going to reveal over here.

The news is flash out when she is shooting for her Home Production "Ravaan". According to the demand of the script she has smooching scene with the debutant actor Sabin Shrestha. So Kamal Krishna who the director of the movie also want lip locks in between Rekha Thapa and Sabin Shrestha. But Rekha Thapa is continuing hesitate for the lip kiss. Then the director convinces Rekha Thapa only for the face kiss by the Sabin Shrestha. Since Rekha Thapa is also the producer of the movie, there is nothing Kamal Krishna can force Rekha Thapa.

The director shouts for the light, camera and action. Then Sabin Shrestha slowing tries to kiss Rekha Thapa on her face. When his lip is by close to the face of Rekha Thapa, again she stops and starts searching for the mirror. There is the really the kissing allergy on her face. That was really bad day for the many people like Kamal Krishna, Sabin Shrestha and her fans. There is no hope to view kissing scene of their favorite actress Rekha Thapa because of kiss allergy.

On the whole, the main unlucky person is the Chhabi Ojha, the husband of Rekha Thapa. Chhabi Ojha is the well known producer of the Nepali Film Industry. But unfortunate he has to think a lot before kissing her hot and sexy wife Rekha Thapa.

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